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Brenda and I are very pleased to offer the Career innerOvation teleclass beginning soon!

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You’ll come out of the class fully positioned and armed with everything you need to get the career of dreams — that is, if you haven’t already landed in the career before the class ends.



Overview —> Insight —> Strategy —> Action —> Happiness

In the overview, we’ll give you the bird’s eye view of how to get you where you want to go.

In Insight, we go deep into what’s gonna to truly make you happy, not just want you think might take you happy. More on that in a moment.

In Strategy, we narrow down the types of positions and places that could make you happy and we begin touching them, testing in a fun, easy, gentle way, to be sure we’ll really like them. It’s like kicking the tires on a car or taking a test drive. Lightly touching before going whole hog in a direction that may or may not be right for you. And there are great tools for making this totally fun.

In Action, we accelerate the process. We feel movement as the pieces fall into place and the place where we will truly thrive begins to come into view. Here’s where accountability and action take priority. But it happens in such an easy, fun way that it almost happens by magic.

In Happiness, the outcome is finding your happy spot. We learn that your happy spot can shift, so we make sure that we have all the tools to keep adaptable so that we can always adjust into a happy career spot as we move forward.

Sound good?

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The class meets weekly, for four weeks on Wednesdays at 7 pm, starting soon. — If you can’t make Wednesday evenings, no worries. It’s all recorded, so if you miss a class it’s easy to access afterward.


Here’s a few of the benefits you’ll get along the way:

  • You’ll discover how to create an effective, nuts and bolts strategy for getting you to the career you know you’ll love and be best at. 
  • The 10 secrets to knowing what you can do that no one else can do. In other words, how to make yourself so indispensable that people will be begging to pay you for what you love to do.  
  • The top 10 secrets to living the life you truly love. And how to motivate yourself to get there. 
  • I’ll cover how to make money doing just about anything. So you can learn how to make money in any field. 
  • And you’ll get an easy and fun action plan for getting you were you want to go.

Register for your Career innerOvation!

Further, in the class, we give you a secret method for learning what you truly love, rather than what you think you love. It wasn’t until I used this special exercise that I learned my most important career value, which led me to the best job I’ve ever had. If I had this tool years ago, I would have found my happy place decades ago. This powerful tool unlocks what you really love. And I share it in this class. This one exercise alone is worth the price of the entire class.

In this course you’ll learn how to stop asking questions like “How in the world could I possibly get paid for that?” You’ll start asking questions like “You mean people actually paid to do what I love to do?” And you’ll start answering with statements like “Wow! I can actually earn money doing that!” And before you know it you’ll be saying, “OMG! I’m actually making more money than I need doing what I love!”

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  • Those who join the class also get access to 12 real-world-tested worksheets to help boost you to the career of your dreams. That’s more than twenty exercises, tips, checklists, and more, to get you to full job satisfaction. This includes top pointers for creating the ideal resume. How to expand your job network, cheaply, easily and having a whole lot of fun doing it! Networking tips for introverts! Checklists for how to land and have successful interviews. Top salary negotiating tactics. And more!
  • And another bonus: You’ll get access to the Career innerOvation Facebook page for asking further questions and for getting clarification on topics of concern for your individualized job search.
  • Yet another bonus: You’ll get access to the Career innerOvation community for networking. This has proven to be one of the greatest values of the Career innerOvation method. Networking for a new job can be overwhelming and scary. Career innerOvation has a ready-made community of people who are eager to help job seekers like you. No more worrying that you might be imposing on someone. These people want to help. It takes all the worry out of networking. Expanding your reach has never been more enjoyable.
  • And, yet another bonus: because I’m so excited about this offering and what it can do for you. And I believe so much that everyone needs to love what they do, I’m also offering an special bonus Block-Buster and Q&A class.

That’s really five classes for just $297.

People who have been through the Career innerOvation process rave:

“… a fantastic resource for anyone looking to maximize their achievement and satisfaction in their careers.” — Alex

“… made professional changes that brought new vitality to my working life.” — Peter

“…  helped me to determine my next career path and to take the appropriate actions to find the best position based on my unique needs. This has been an extremely useful and rewarding experience.” — Jack 

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What would your life look and feel like if you woke up every morning excited for the day and looking forward to work? 

How would your world be different if you earned more than you needed and had time to relax and enjoy life? 

How would it be to move from twiddling your thumbs, staring at the clock, waiting for the work day to end? 

How about saying good bye to work colleague Colleen who corners you at the water cooler and talks way too much about her kids and never gets any work done? 

What would it be like if you never again felt compelled to conjure up scenarios where you get your boss offed without getting caught by the police?

What if every day felt as if you weren’t working — because everything you got paid to do was something you truly enjoyed?

You can do it.

I’ve done it. Others have done it. And you can do it too.

You can, as one of my clients did, lift yourself up out of a job that you rate 2 out of 10 on the happiness scale to a career you rank as 11 out of 10!

You’ll be applauding for yourself and others will too!

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